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Over a decade ago, I wrote highly-regarded papers in pursuit of my Masters Degree.  More recently,  I’ve composed different types of letters to people in positions of authority for clients.  I have written marketing profiles. I’ve been a staff writer for The Lowcountry Graduate Center, writing blogs on a variety of topics. Another talent: writing essays or personal statements needed for job or school applications. You can see reviews of my  resume work on my Google ad page and on Thumbtack by searching “resume writers, Charleston, SC.” My wonderful assistant, Victoria Rego, is a professional writer and soon will be teaching college level writing. She takes on some of the resume and cover letter writing for me, but I always do the final edit and review.

I also offer career coaching sessions for those who are not sure where to target their resume. These are very reasonably priced and typically last less than an hour. When it comes to coaching, I know how to draw someone out. I find out his or her strengths and desires and build his or her confidence.  My goal is to help a job seeker obtain a position that will be rewarding and fulfilling, not just a paycheck.

I also like to edit fiction and nonfiction. Here is a sample of my editing; the original paragraph was edited by several people and appeared in a national publication that spotlights zoos and aquariums.

Original paragraph

Sea Turtle Hospital behind-the-scenes tours were initiated in 2007, in part to compensate for rising program costs incurred as more sick and injured turtles were admitted each year and also to allow our guests the educational experience of personally interacting with staff and volunteers eager to communicate each turtle’s story to the public. This interaction between visitors and staff greatly facilitates our ability to inform the public about the anthropogenic pressures sea turtles face in their natural habitat.

My edited paragraph

We began conducting Sea Turtle Hospital behind-the-scenes tours in 2007 with two goals in mind:  1) to help offset rising costs as more sick and injured turtles were admitted, and 2) to afford guests an encounter with staff and volunteers who are eager to tell each turtle’s story.  Visitors get to ask questions while directly observing the turtles. This interaction informs the public about different pressures sea turtles face in their natural habitat. It also helps to add much needed funds: people who watch the turtles fall in love with them and want to help.

See examples of my writing on Amazon; I write brief film, CD, and book reviews under “Stancy Merwin.”  You can also find me on Google.  In the photo below, I am on the right. Contact me for information or a quote, no obligation. I always have time to listen to you and I want you to find a good “fit,” whether it is myself or another professional.