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  • Al McNeil‎ :   Stancy helped me create two  great, easy-on-the-eyes resumes. Also helped with a couple of letters. Uses good English and doesn’t repeat herself. Proofreads carefully, and a good listener. I recommend her.
  • Evelyn Gregg:  Stancy gave me a great resume and helped me perfect three essays I needed for a job application. For one essay, I needed to create an ethical dilemma and then solve it. She “saved my life” on this one!
  • Kristina Russell Elliott:  I’ve read a few of Stancy’s reviews of books/movies on Amazon; her writing is fine–clear, concise, to the point.  She’s also able to write complimentary things about someone she admires without sounding gushy.
  • Judy Brannan: I got a terrific nursing position after Stancy did my resume.
  • Anthony Benicewicz: I’m glad to recommend Stancy; she is reasonably priced and worked hard at helping me with a writing project.
  • Pradeep Muthaiya:  Stancy did a terrific job editing and polishing my doctoral dissertation; I would recommend her for any kind of writing help. She also made sure my citations were done correctly.
  •  Dorothy Oja: Reading a few of Stancy’s reviews on Amazon made me want to look into those CD’s/books she was writing about. She made them sound interesting and worthwhile.
  • Alexander Lane:  Stancy was a HUGE help with my graduate writing!  She saved me a lot of time and energy by helping me edit the first three chapters of my dissertation.  After she edited my dissertation proposal, even the most stringent professors commented on the excellent writing structure.  I have recommended Stancy to other colleagues who have since used her services.  She has the editing skill level to meet the highest levels of editing work.
  • Margaret Ann‎ :   She  gave me a career coaching session, recommended some helpful books, and  I knew where to target my career search after that. I knew what I wanted.
  • Rebecca Wright: I needed help with my personal statements, essays for contests and professional letters.  Stancy provides excellent service at a fair price. I highly recommend her.
  • Carla Franklin: Stancy re-wrote my resume when I relocated to another state. Within 2 months I was able to find a good job. She does great work. My resume  was easy to read, professional and straight to the point. Thanks!
  • Christopher Oplinger:  Stancy took all my work history which was fairly varied and put it into a comprehensive resume that was specifically tailored to the type of job I was seeking.  One month later I was employed.  Stancy has a real talent for taking out the stuff that doesn’t help and getting the emphasis on the areas that the employer is focused on.  I highly recommend this service to anyone who is serious about finding employment in this tough job market.Thanks Stancy Great Job!!
  • Ginger Marshall:  Stancy is affable, knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend you have Stancy do your CV or any work-related letter. She does not use the same words over and over, that everyone else seems to use. She’s not a boring writer.

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